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I am homosexual and right after I went to Aussie Hunks, these guys are just the best. They’re so good that I immediately went and wrote this aussiehunksaustralia com au review to the benefit of those who have yet to go there. Right from the moment I sat, I was really excited about the performances of these people. As a matter of fact, I was clearly ecstatic about all the items on their menu. We all know these are finger food and alcoholic drinks but that does not much of a difference because I am all here for these things. You can bet they are pretty full during weekends so it would be advisable to come a bit early in order to beat the crowd and get a good seat. Trust me, nothing beats sitting right in front of all these hunks performing a great number whether it is a striptease or a simple song. In fact, it would be hard to pick a sole favorite among all of them since they are all good at doing these things right in front of you. If you can’t tell what they are about to do then you can leave it to them for pulling off such a great surprise on time.

The Aussie Hunks have too much muscle as I immediately concluded that they take good care of their bodies. They definitely go to the gym a lot and eat the right food. Speaking of doing that, I could see myself doing the same thing so that I could lose my beer belly. That is a lot easier said than done due to the fact that I drink a lot of beer, especially at night. Of course, those habits are saved for glorious nights at Aussie Hunks where I can meet other gays. There were also some mature women there and they wanted to have a great time and they had a lot of that when the hunks started to dance. My eyes were really glued to these handsome men performing on stage. When a server approached me for my order, I had a hard time talking to her because I was so focused on the performances. After all, I did not want to miss a thing when it comes to getting your money’s worth. The place is even laid out quite perfectly compared to other strip clubs I have been to. Visit us at